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Our concierge team offers more than just bookings to your favorite restaurant. From small hidden gems to Michelin-star hot spots, we can recommend, gain unique access, reserve without advanced notice, and offer additional pre- and post-dining activities that you and your family will enjoy.





The Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Wimbledon, Champions League, Monaco Grand Prix, America’s Cup, Kentucky Derby, PGA Championship, we can take you there! Be part of the action at the biggest sporting events in the world. Our options are endless and so is our reach. Whether you are looking to entertain guests on a weekly basis or planning a trip to attend any major sporting event, we understand the importance of great seats, hassle-free delivery, and exclusive access. Through our partnerships, AMPM provides access to the best suites, courtside tickets, and even meet and greets with star athletes to deliver one-of-a kind experiences you can’t find anywhere else.




AMPM Group provides premium nightlife access and specializes in tailoring unique packages for every occasion. Whether it is in New York or other cities around the world, we secure entry and table reservations for our clients, who will never have to wait in line or be turned away.





Enjoy theater the way you deserve to. Access the hottest shows on Broadway, and concerts around the world, as well as enjoying backstage access tours, VIP entrance and more.








AMPM Group strives to take experiences to the next level. From the best events in pop culture to checking off your bucket list, the opportunities we provide are endless.

We don't stop at just providing access. AMPM curates experiences around major events. Whether it’s a yacht party during F1 Monaco, or renting out an entire house for a Super Bowl viewing party, AMPM provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our packages include the best hotel accommodations, dining, transportation, and exclusive after parties and event access. 



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AMPM’s global network of highly-skilled travel specialists will help you discover the most amazing destinations and ensure your travel experiences are unforgettable and hassle-free. From luxury hotels to the finest resorts, house rentals, and private islands, we plan one-of-a-kind travel experiences tailored to our client's desires. We also cover everything from booking flights, securing private aviation, and yacht charters. From departure to arrival, we manage every aspect of your travel experience. 




AMPM Group has more than 20 years of relationships working with top hotel brands around the world to provide our members with unrivaled resources of exclusive availability, rates, and upgrades that aren’t attainable by traditional means of online or agency bookings.

Whether you desire a relaxed wellness trip with friends, or a unique experience that you believed was impossible until now, AMPM will ensure all your stay is top-notch and your requests will be met with excellence. 




AMPM offers an easy payment solution that protects our client's privacy and anonymity. By establishing house accounts we allow our members to entertain without the hassles of declined payment, the risk of any fraudulent charges, overspending, or over tipping. House accounts are a great way to go out to dinners, events, nightclubs and more, without being there or having to deal with a check at the end of the night. We also offer dedicated event hosts who will be there to enhance your experience and ensure everything goes smoothly. 

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AMPM Group was established in 2016 in New York City due to increasing demand for personalized high-end concierge services in travel, access, unique experiences, as well as creating special events. AMPM Group offers clients the most extravagant destinations while maintaining the most elite customer service.

Our concierge team, with years of experience and dedication, creates a specialized program that caters to each member’s specific needs. A large part of our success is based on our second-to-none personal relationships with major contacts within the industry. Our vast global network ensures our members receive the ultimate concierge experience.