AMPM Picks: Best Sushi in NYC

For a true sushi connoisseur, sushi has to pass a rigorous test to earn it’s stamp of approval as “first-class”. However, for New York City, Japanese cuisine is definitely a strong suit bringing in Michelin star chefs from across the globe to let their sushi shine in the big apple. Some might say New York could actually be beginning to rival Tokyo itself. Here are our current favorite destinations for some of the best Japanese cuisine the city has to offer. 


10. Sugarfish

Celebrated local sushi chain serving traditional rolls & sake in a chic, intimate space.


9. Sushi Azabu

Tucked under street level, this intimate spot features sushi crafted from fresh-from-Japan fish.



High-end sushi & Japanese dishes in a chic, trendy atmosphere with a well-heeled crowd.


7. Shuko

Compact, omakase-only Japanese choice for upscale sushi or more elaborate kaiseki meals.

Sushi Zo

6. Sushi Zo

High-end branch of an LA sushi restaurant devoted to traditional, omakase-only dining.


5. Noda

Eight-seat sushi bar devoted to high-end omakase dinners, with a separate lounge area.


4. Ichimura at Uchu

Two tiny bars set the stage for prix fixe omakase sushi, Japanese tasting menus & spirits.


3. Sushi Nakazawa

Destination sushi spot for high-end omakase (multicourse, chef's choice meals) in spare digs.


2. Sushi Noz

Compact counter for high-end, seasonal edomae sushi, served omakase-only in a wood-lined space.


1. Masa

High-end Japanese restaurant offering a fixed-price sushi menu served in modern, elegant surrounds.